Labour vs Fleet Street

Gordon Brown unveiled his party's manifesto today. Full details here. Half-Blair:

We must build a Britain where no unemployed person can have a lifetime on the dole, but will have to accept work, and where those who come here contribute to our country – but those who can't or won't don't come, a Britain where anti-social behaviour and crime are dealt with quickly, where those who break the rules pay the price; and where, if you don't get action, you can take out an injunction at the authority's expense to secure the justice you need.

Half Brown:

Which is the party of the family, promising to protect child tax credits, the child trust fund, and sure start and to give all new dads a month with their babies and help to buy the family home? Which is the party of making work pay, pledging a rising minimum wage, and the end of benefits for life? Which is the party of [socialized medicine], offering, in return for national insurance, legal rights on GP access, waiting times and cancer tests? Which is the party of growth and jobs, with a programme to deliver a million more skilled jobs?

The journalists didn't like the stagecraft. Paul Waugh:

God this North Korean rally atmosphere for the press conference is appalling. Surprised hacks not put in the stocks for asking sensible Qs.

And it gets a little ugly:

Labour ganging up on the hacks ... Cabinet jumping in to back up their man. Tis like a fight in a Motherwell pub car park.

Tis true, I swear on't.