Dusty Finds Her Rock, Ctd

A reader writes:

This past week the dog-related posts have been unexpectedly relevant for our family. Last week was the post about the ex-addict having to put his beloved dog to sleep. I watched that video w/ my 7-year old son, and of course it made me cry--then I had to explain to my son why someone would choose to help their pet die.

How strange then, that only a few days later, we found ourselves in the exact same situation. Our beloved Peanut, a 14-yr old rat terrier who had been battling numerous health issues, went suddenly stiff and paralyzed. After a few days at the vet it was obvious there was nothing we could do, and had to make the excruciating decision to euthanize her. We brought her home for a few days of lap time, love, and tears. After two days of this, and seeing her decline in that short time, we knew it was time.

We had it done this morning. We are each of us a wreck. It's such an excruciating decision to have to make, yet we know it was the best for her. So seeing the posts today--mere hours after watching our dog expire-- about your dogs romping happily at the beach was a salve for my distraught soul.