Dissent Of The Day


A reader writes:

You wrote: "Since when has Texas ever felt "ashamed" about anything? Not since the Kennedy assassination, and even then ..."

Dangit, please don’t overgeneralize.  I can guarantee you that there are plenty of “Texans” who are ashamed…and work everyday single day, in as many was as possible, to change Texas.  We’re here, we were born here, and we love it because of its diversity, its geography, and its people.  There are plenty of rednecks and plenty of ultra-rich bubbas, but tucked deep down inside, working our way out, are beautiful, open-minded folks who stand up, vote, and participate in ways which will push the fringe, with the ultimate goal to behave in a responsible, kind and caring way.  It just takes us longer - it’s a big place!

(Photo of Annise Parker - the first openly gay mayor of a US city with over a million residents, Houston - by Flickr user David Ortez.)