Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I do enjoy reading your blog everyday. But I have to say I do get tired of the undercurrent of whiney neediness that runs through so many of the reader e-mails you include on your blog. The two topics lately that seem to be calling forth a regular stream of whining are 1) marijuana legalization and 2) D.C. statehood.

To me, both topics are simple: Marijuana. It’s illegal. At best, to me, it’s a slovenly habit, unhealthy and utterly lacking in glamour.

No doubt the trend is going toward legalization but it’s not there yet. So, in the meantime, shut up, guys. Especially shut up if you are one of the self-professed high achievers who write (in whining tones) about how they are “responsible and respectable and secretly smoke pot”.

Particularly annoying was the working mother who wrote in self-righteous tones about how her marijuana consumption was superior to drinking alcohol as her kids did not have to deal with mommy having a hangover. Here’s a thought: don’t drink or smoke marijuana! That’d be a much better example to set for your kids. However, you might actually have to think of someone else besides your whining self!

As for Washington, D.C. , every American fourth grader learns that its citizens don’t get to vote. Tough titty. You don’t like this? Don’t live in Washington, D.C. You live there and really don’t like this? Move.