Dissent Of The Day II

A reader writes:

I'm not so sure Comedy Central is a deserving target of anger over the South Park flap.  Put aside the free speech principle for a moment (it's hard, but try), and just focus on the safety issue.  Comedy Central is a large corporation that employs many hundreds (thousands?) of people. 

Do each of those employees wish to risk his or her life to make the valid point that free speech is important and that religious zealots shouldn't be able to bully the rest of us into submission with threats to our lives?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Does Comedy Central have the right to make that decision for all of its employees, or does it have an obligation to ensure (to the best of its ability) the safety of its employees in the face of known, explicit threats?  I'm not sure what the answers are to these questions, but I think they're worth asking.

The only actual threats have been against Matt and Trey personally.