Defending Obama From The Gays

Ambers gets on the phone:

Is Messina the secret enemy of gays? Far from it. Messina was the staff member who convinced the military to start the process to end the gay ban; the staff member who orchestrated the compelling testimony of Gates and Mullen; the staff member who worked with the Pentagon to relax the rules until the ban is ended; the staff member who coordinated the drafting of the executive order preventing hospitals from banning gays from visiting their partners; the staff member who made sure that the HIV immigration ban was rescinded. And so on.

He predicts:

By this time next year, [DADT] will be gone. Gay people will be openly serving in the United States Armed Forces.

For this to happen the Congress would have to act. Would a possible Republican House vote down the Joint Chiefs' recommendation? You bet your bottom dollar they would. That's the worry. And it's a real one.