Clegg Is Still Winning

Uber-Tory Charles Moore in the Telegraph:

Hard-headed people in the two main parties send me grim dispatches. "I fear we've blown it," says a Tory candidate. For Labour, it is worse. "This is absolute death," says one of the party's best brains. ...

Voters care little about the Liberal record. They have come to detest anyone who can plausibly be identified with power – bankers, bureaucrats, Labour and, despite 13 years without it, the Tories. The Liberals do not have this taint. In the political wilderness of debt, Vince Cable could be made to look like John the Baptist, paving the way for Mr Clegg. Clegg, I can exclusively reveal, is not the Messiah, but voters are not much impressed when told this by the Pharisees and Sadducees.