The parody videos have begun:

Milena Popova, an Eastern European immigrant, says Duffy was bigoted:

[I had the] slow, sad realisation that the political culture in the UK is such that no politician has any choice but to grovel to the bigots. Because standing up and explaining to them instead that immigrants make a massive contribution to the economy, let alone that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of nationality, citizenship or contribution, would be political suicide.

There is an interesting legal and political consequence to yesterday's terrible coverage for Labour. The broadcasters are legally obliged to match the time given to one party with time given to the others. Labour's epic quantity of airtime yesterday entitles the other parties to an equivalent amount of coverage to even up the score.

Peter Hoskin:

How much should Cameron and Clegg use Brown's gaffe against him?  My thinking is that they've played it well so far - only offering limited comment along the lines of "I think the words speak for themselves" - and that they should continue the same approach tonight.  If they say anything more direct, if they politicise the situation ahead of talking about the economy, then they risk triggering the (slight) possibility of a sympathy backlash in the PM's favour.  This is one Brown disaster where they're better off keeping more or less schtum - and letting him stew in it.  

Nate Silver's current projection:


According to Judith O'Reilly this is a real statement from Michael Weatheritt, the UKIP candidate in Berwick:

If mass immigration continues, the weight of people in the country will cause the island to start sinking and if global warming is to be believed and the sea level rises, then the EU will eventually gets its wish and Britain will disappear forever beneath the waves

To which O'Reilly replies:

I am tempted to ring him up and ask him to do his bit and quit with the pies. Frankly, the pies won't be helping at all.