British Election Update

A full round-up of polling, commentary, video and silly persons here. Why Gordon Brown is losing this election even more dramatically than David Cameron here. And a classic American quote today that suggests some elements of tea-party populism mirror the Lib-Dem surge in Britain:

Independents and Democrats at the Cocoa Beach Pier on Wednesday were more welcoming. They said an outsider candidacy by Mr. Crist might give Floridians a way to protest partisan politics. “People are upset with the whole system, and we need more than two parties,” said David Steranko, 39, a registered independent and Internet marketer of vacation packages. “I would really like to see our government stop bickering so much and work on our problems more.”

Any hint of incumbency these days is death. In Britain it has affected both established parties.

P.S. I'll be live-blogging the foreign policy debate - which is now crucial for David Cameron to seize back the lead. Tune in at 3.30 pm.