Beleaguered Butters, Ctd

A reader writes:

Does Lindsey Graham's voting record on DOMA and the Federal Marriage Amendment put him in the category of hypocrite that qualifies for outing, from your perspective?  According to Wikipedia, "He received a rating of 0% from the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign in each reporting period from 1995-2008, with the exception of 1999, when he received a rating of 9%."

As a South Carolina native now living in Los Angeles (and gay, by the way), I can only imagine what this is going to do to his political career.  There will not be a good ending for him in SC, believe me.

Another writes:

The GOP is known for gay baiting when it suits their purposes.  So now that Graham is getting the treatment, I have no sympathy for him. In fact, I am enjoying the spectacle.  If you sleep with dogs sooner or later you are going to get fleas.


Public officials are elected to represent the will of their constituents.  If the overwhelming majority of South Carolinians are opposed to gay rights, why should Lindsey Graham, if gay, be expected to vote otherwise?  Senator Graham is not citizen Graham.