Arresting The Pope In Britain?

Dawkins and Hitch prepare for battle in September. A cradle Catholic Times of London columnist, Libby Purves, is on their side:

Most priests are not wicked. Catholics, in my experience, whether lay or clerical tend to be rather good people: gentle, spiritually aware, concerned for others, kept decently humble by the explicitness of Confession. But their Church has betrayed them, because it fossilised into a culture of hierarchy and unquestioning obedience, at the expense of individual conscience and intelligence.

This is the fault line that may bring it down. I don’t want that, even if Hitchens and Dawkins do. But in making those who trusted it complicit in concealment, the Catholic Church has done a great and terrible wrong to its faithful. And I fear the Vatican still hasn’t grasped the full corruption of that.