"The Hovering Pencil Election"

Paul Waugh downplays new polling that shows Cameron slipping again:

In the privacy of the voting booth, the electorate in key marginal seats may come to that point of decision and simply think this: "I can't face five more years of Labour/Gordon Brown. I'm not sure about Cameron. But, sod it, I'll give him a try." This is, in my opinion, the most powerful weapon the Tories have in this election. Not just desperate mood of 'time for a change', but a resigned willingness to at least try something else.

We saw something similar in London in the 2008 mayoral elections. On the doorstep, there was a sizeable amount of suspicion and doubt about the idea of Boris as Mayor. But in key swing areas, people had had enough of Red Ken and they simply decided to give the Blond bombshell a go. "He's a bit of a risk but he can't be any worse, can he?" was the frequent message I picked up on the campaign trail.