"Snubbing An Ally"

This is the new neocon meme on Israel. So the WaPo drags it out for Karzai and now, according to WaPo's  Jackson Diehl, it includes Saakashvili, the somewhat nutty president of Georgia. Larison tries to figure this out:

The most irritating thing about Diehl’s post is that he is fully aware of the significant nonproliferation gain that Ukraine’s commitment represents, he knows perfectly well that Turkish-Armenian rapprochement is an important priority, and he understands that Georgia has almost nothing to contribute to the securing of nuclear materials, but he still tries to find some insult towards Georgia in all of this.

The McCainiacs don't die. But all this makes more sense when you realize this is a drumbeat designed to create a narrative in defense of Israel's permanent control of the West Bank. This is Jackson Diehl.