"In Palinworld, Palin, By Definition, Speaks The Truth." Ctd

A reader writes:

I share your concern about Sarah Palin. And those that think she won't run in 2012 are thinking logically, but not Palin-ly.

There's no downside to running in 2012. Unlike other past politicians who run for office, don't win, and then settle into a life of obscurity, just the opposite awaits a Palin candidacy. If she runs, and is not doing well enough to win, she can merely drop out, claiming that it was the result of media sexism, or wanting to protect her family from the elitism of Washington, or due to her enlightenment that she can help this great country more from the outside than the inside. She then becomes even a bigger hero to her base.

My biggest fear is not that she might actually become a candidate, but rather that American journalism has become so cowardly as to allow her to become a candidate.

The trouble is: a great deal of journalism is now about money, not truth. And man is she money.