Of Course She's Running For President, Ctd


Contra Josh, R.L.G. at DiA thinks Palin will run:

Mr Green is right; she is building a brand. But just so she can be a television hostess? How long would that brand shine if she rebuffed those who will (with very real passion) beg her to run? Yes, she's uniquely successful at infuriating or terrifying liberalsbut that's because they think that she might still just become president. How does that 2013 contract look when she's refused to enter the fight? This is hunch-blogging at its most speculative, I confess, but I think she's in. So over to you. I don't see someone who's preparing for a book-writing and lecture-circuit career. What do you see in the estimable Sarah Palin?

She has wanted to be president for much of her adult political life. She wanted it well over a decade ago. She risked a huge amount in saying yes to John McCain, a gamble of monumental proportions, in the pursuit of that goal. She believes sincerely that she is on a mission from God, that she is the Esther of the End-Times. Why is any of this hard to understand? By her words and her actions, she wants to be the GOP nominee. And at a time when Republican extremism is the brand, who better represents the party than she?

(Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty)