Truth To Power

A reader writes:

My life as a survivor of sexual abuse has been horrific. But at least some light is finally being shone on the criminal deception. My story is found here. Another way the Church has hidden these priests from justice is allowing them to go to poorer countries where the local bishop does not even check the priest's background. My abuser is still hiding in Mexico and since today is his birthday, I share this with hopes that it will call for international outrage and cooperation in bringing these rapists to justice.

Another writes:

I’m guessing that the reason why Amy Davidson is outraged is that she didn’t go to Catholic school.

I went to Catholic school in the 1960’s and 1970’s and some of the stuff I either incurred or witnessed would make your hair curl.  But more amazing was the attitude of parents and other adults with regards to the actions of Nuns (and they were just as bad) and priests.

I would come home with bruises and my mother’s attitude was that I deserved it, that the priests and nuns were always right.  If a priest got “funny” with you once you started to develop (they hit on girls as well), you were just lying or over-reacting (we had one priest at the Catholic school I attended nick-named “Father Feel you Up.”)

So Amy Davidson is outraged that no one paid attention to deaf kids?   Adult Catholics back then were just so in awe of the sanctity of the church, they let a lot of things slide.