In his Sunday column, Andrew assessed Obama's first eight months of foreign policy. The neoconservative panic continued, but some principled conservatives were willing to cut the president some slack. And a few readers dialed back Andrew's optimism over Iran.

In other news, Bill Clinton finally recanted over marriage equality, more gruesome details emerged from Kentucky, and Glenn Beck continued to make a fool of himself.  We also took a look at the ethics of photo-cropping Cheney, the laws of Photoshopping beauty, and the meaning of mate plugging.

The Dish also wrapped up the week-long debate over theodicy; read the last entries here, here, and here.

Finally, we featured footage of a near-death experience, a gay dude in a cage, an even gayer dude on a racist rant, a guide for buttery meat, and a recipe for apple pie.

-- C.B.

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