The Weekend Wrap

In advance of the historic healthcare vote on Saturday, the GOP made a spectacle on the House floor. In the aftermath, we observed the only Republican to vote for the bill and the many Democrats who opposed it. Regarding the other major story of the week, Fort Hood, Hasan indeed appeared to have been driven by religious fundamentalism. Goldblog called out much of the media over its double standard toward Islamic-based violence and Christian-based violence. A reader dissented.

In Palin news, we got a glimpse of her Wisconsin pro-life speech from an undercover Jonathan Martin and a Mudflats informant. The leaked details triggered Andrew to revisit the Trig pregnancy. A reader sounded off on Palin's need for secrecy.

Elie Wiesel condemned the anti-Semitism displayed at the recent Tea Party, which in turn sparked more anti-Semitism in the blogosphere. A reader was aghast. Meanwhile, the details surrounding Sparkman's death got murkier.

Digging through the Dish archives, Andrew pulled out some posts showing his consistency in criticizing the anti-war left on Iraq (as he does now with the Tea-Party right), consistency in scrutinizing the spending of the Bush administration (which most of the right did not), and consistency with which he judged the parameters of the Iraq invasion and occupation.

In Catholic coverage, a reader put forth a unique interpretation of Benedict on gays, Church officials got schooled by Hitch and Fry in a televised debate, K-Lo offered a similarly weak defense, and readers questioned why Andrew still remains a Catholic.

Readers continued the conversation on children and gay couples here and here, and the conversation on children and soldiers here and here.

-- C.B.