The Weekend Wrap

Over the weekend the White House and Senator Grassley joined the growing chorus of voices against the Uganda bill - though a brave Uganda lesbian beat them to it. Annise Parker, who is gay, became mayor of Houston - the nation's 4th largest city.

In home news, Andrew took a much deserved break from the blog; he'll be off for a week. Andrew Sprung introduced himself to the Dish and Conor Friedersdorf returned to guest-blogging. Patrick exposed the men behind the Dish curtain, which disillusioned many readers. Sprung rounded up commentary on the Afghan timeline and corralled coverage of the burning Khamenei photo. Friedersdorf, along with John McWhorter, addressed the Tiger Woods scandal. Conor also discussed a discussion by Hitchens and Wright over terrorist blowback. And Patrick shared his thoughts about the President.

In prurient postings, Jonathan Littell won the worst sex writing award, Christina Davidson talked to a prostitute, and Reebok leered at a lady. In Sunday musings, Julian Sanchez and Dish readers philosophized over free will while William Deresiewicz and some readers mulled over the meaning of friendship. We wrapped up our week-long discussion of the Greatest Generation here, here, and here.

-- C.B.