The Weekend Wrap

We tracked coverage of the Chile earthquake here and here. Andrew is mostly offline for the week, but before signing off, he replied to Chait's latest response, countered Clive Crook on the clarity of torture, commented on British evangelicals, took stock of HCR in his weekly column, and criticized the Atlantic redesign (more scrutiny from bloggers and readers here, here, and here).

The Dish welcomes two new guest bloggers this week: political scientist Jonathan Bernstein and Atlantic globetrotter Graeme Wood. Jonathan discussed misunderstandings over public trust in government, pondered the implications of a third-party run by Crist, critiqued the NYT's explanation of the House's HCR strategy, evaluated the state of the filibuster, and wondered who in America has moral authority.

Graeme sounded the alarm over a wheat fungus, called out Sting for accepting millions from an Uzbek dictator, updated us on the Dubai assassinations, directed us to a dramatic tale out of Russia, noted the latest nuttiness from Qadhafi, chewed the cud over qat, and highlighted the horribleness of Haiti.

In assorted coverage, Reihan slammed Crist over his fiscal character, Menachem Kaiser went looking for small condoms, Nicholas Sautin theorized over amateur war footage, Ryan Sager studied the effects of vacation, Patrick pointed to a blind painter, and I featured a revolutionary archeological find.

-- C.B.