The Weekend Wrap

This weekend on the Dish, we rounded up coverage of the pope-related sex scandal, Andrew absorbed the news, and a reader shared his perspective from Germany.

The Netanyahu government took heat from Tom Friedman, Haaretz, Petraeus, Goldblog, and Jake Tapper. Andrew put more heat on the WaPo editorial page. He also responded to Golblog's outrage over his use of a map showing the history of Jewish habitation in Israel. He then posted a more accurate map and made further corrections here and here.

McCarthy sunk even lower. Chris Hitchens and Walt Whitman presented their own Ten Commandments. Jonah Lehrer looked at what makes a good marriage, explained why we free associate when high, and examined how our decisions and moods affect our social networks.

Installments of Andrew's Princeton speech on homosexuality can be viewed here and here.

-- C.B.