The Weekend Wrap

This weekend on the Dish, the pontiff fired back, a priest had enough with the pope's defenders, Dreher suggested a path for the pope to take, a Dreher reader told perpetrators to turn themselves in, Hitch sat down with Maher about the Church, and Andrew knocked down the idea of the confessional as cover.

The Dish also set the record straight on Petraeus' words about Israel and took one last look at the Frum-AEI row. Andrew went after Dennis Ross' defense of Netanyahu while Hasselbeck voiced disgust over Palin and far-right rhetoric like this.

In other random coverage, the Atlantic and PBS investigated the suicide tourism of Switzerland, Newsweek examined gender disparities in the newsroom, Elizabeth Nolan Brown defended foodies on food stamps, Chris Buckley recalled the quirkiness of his father, and readers reacted to the First Lady's blasphemy. Cool virals here, here, and here.

-- C.B.