The View From Your Recession: Checking Back In


This reader was an unemployed journalist whose wife had had an extramarital affair. Original post here. The reader writes:

Things have actually been going well here, for the most part. My wife, sadly, lost her job in early November, so it will be a slightly stingy Christmas, but I was able to take my time away from work to find something rewarding that I enjoy doing. I'm self-employed (and marginally enough that I still freak out about finding enough work every month), but we're doing all right.

And we're doing all right personally too.

The work on the marriage, which I don't know we would have undertaken had I not been unemployed, continues apace. It's definitely a merrier Christmas than last year's was, and we have enough breathing room (and enough love in our hearts, I guess) to buy each other a few small gifts. We're crawling out of two holes, very slowly and by tiny inches, but we're making it out nonetheless.

It's worth saying that the only reason we have health insurance anymore and the only reason we're afloat is because of money from the ARRA. COBRA's been much, much more affordable than it was when we looked into it the last time we switched jobs, and that's directly thanks to the passage of that bill.

Photo by Megan Scheminske.