The Redesign, Ctd

A reader writes:

There's one remaining major redesign layout issue that's driving me batty. When I click the "continue reading" link on a post, the text on the page I'm taken to is in a slightly larger font and, more importantly, the line spacing is increased. I find this incredibly visually jarring. If I can read it on the main blog page, why is it presented in a larger size on the stand-alone page? The spacing issue is completely baffling to me. Why is there so much blank space between the lines? Am I expected to talk out my red pen and edit the post onscreen? This appears to be true on all of the Atlantic blogs, not just yours.

It's driving me batty too.

It also makes it really hard to remember where you stopped reading, and find your place again, and provides a huge disincentive to click on the rest of any post.

Mercifully, the designers and editors of the tell me they're trying to find a fix. They have been enormously responsive in undoing some of the obvious errors of the past week. Please give them a little more time to fix the rest. They had a hell of a week last week and have been working under intense pressure for a long time. They're good people doing their best. My personal thanks to Bob, Betsy and everyone who reacted to the problems so swiftly and reversed the biggest blunders almost immediately. They had just finished a marathon and had to start a sprint. But we'll fix this stuff. And bring the Dish back soon.

Because I won't stop giving them hell until they do.