The McCarthyism Of McCarthy, Ctd

Even Powerline's Mirengoff, a "great favorite" of Andy McCarthy, argues that his attacks on DOJ lawyers are worse than the Communist witch hunts:

Many of the wrongly accused leftists [in the 1950s] thought very badly of the U.S. Some I knew and have read about were appalled by racial segregation, deeply offended by the way income was distributed, and unhappy with important aspects of our foreign and national security policy including aspects of our policy towards the Soviet Union. But they didn't desire the expansion of Soviet power and they didn't favor the imposition of a communist system in the U.S. In my opinion, these individuals have much more in common with communists and the professed values of Soviet Communism than today's leftist lawyers have in common with al Qaeda and the Islamists. Yet, it was wrong to accuse them of being communists, pro-communist, communist sympathizers, Soviet agents, etc.

Could the tide be turning?