The Limits Of Horserace Coverage

Friedersdorf objects to all the energy spent on whether the health care bill would pass or not:

If the political blogosphere covered basketball games, we’d not only be told about shots, makes, and misses, but every rotation of the ball on the way to the hoop. “He shoots, the ball appears to be on course, it’s getting closer and still seems like it’ll make it, I give it a 90 percent chance of going in, IT HITS THE BACK RIM, it didn’t make it, it definitely appears as though it may bounce out, it’s going to bounce on the rim a second time, now it’s perched on the lip and may go in or out an instant poll of the crowd confirms that 75 percent of people think it’ll wind up a miss my God it’s actually falling into the basket, this moment it is falling through the net, it’s a basket!”