The Gutter McCarthyism Of Liz Cheney, Ctd

Writing in the Fred Hiatt chair for Bush-Cheney Mediocrities, Marc Thiessen continues his work as a Cheney mouthpiece, under the preposterous guise of being a journalist. This may win the False Equivalence Award this year:

Where was the moral outrage when fine lawyers like John Yoo, Jay Bybee, David Addington, Jim Haynes, Steve Bradbury and others came under vicious personal attack? Their critics did not demand simple transparency; they demanded heads. They called these individuals "war criminals" and sought to have them fired, disbarred, impeached and even jailed. Where were the defenders of the "al-Qaeda seven" when a Spanish judge tried to indict the "Bush six"? Philippe Sands, author of the "Torture Team," crowed: "This is the end of these people's professional reputations!" I don't recall anyone accusing him of "shameful" personal attacks.

A small difference. None of these lawyers did commit war crimes, or rigged the plain meaning of the law to allow their political masters to torture anyone they wanted. Friedersdorf and Greenwald pounce.