The Gutter McCarthyism Of Liz Cheney, Ctd

Greenwald wants action:

There is a real opportunity here to cause that rarest of political events:  namely, having someone's credibility and standing be diminished by virtue of repugnant acts.  Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Andy McCarthy (with whom it originated) have so transparently crossed every line with this ugly smear campaign that they are being condemned across the political spectrum. 

Only the hardest-core ideological dead-enders are defending them. It would therefore not only be politically plausible, but valuable, for the Congress to officially condemn these McCarthyite attacks on Justice Department lawyers.  If the Democratic Congress was willing (indeed eager) to do so against the nation's leading progressive group, why wouldn't it do the same in response to a far more repugnant and potentially destructive campaign launched by a Far Right group?  In 1954, the U.S. Senate condemned the original Joe McCarthy, so why not his progeny?

Kristol, Cheney and McCarthy need to be named and shamed. I'm all for this, of course. And it would be a way for the Democrats to actually regain some balls and initiative on the vital question of the compatibility between American values and national defense against Jihadist terrorism.