The Gutter McCarthyism Of Liz Cheney, Ctd

Mukasey piles on while defending Yoo and Bybee. Sargent thinks Cheney is enjoying the attention:

The criticism helped Cheney get a week’s worth of nonstop free media coverage for the outlandish smear that the Obama administration is stocked with terrorist sympathizers. All because her group released a cheap-as-dirt Web video. Think she cares about a bit of lawyerly handwringing? Nope.

Just as so many of Cheney's friends don't know what happened to Dick, I must say I feel the same way about Liz, whom I have known as an acquaintance for fifteen years. Obviously, defending her father must be the overwhelming impulse - and the fact that Cheney presided over the worst terrorist mass-murder of Americans on American soil in history - despite explicit warnings - must weigh deeply.

Also the fact that he forced through intelligence that humiliated the US and destroyed the rationale of a war that killed and maimed so many thousands for so long at such cost and for so little, if any, gain. Also, of course, and far more gravely, his imposition of torture and culpability for war crimes - a fact, not a judgment, a fact that will make him one of the most despised figures in American political history in due course.

The final over-reach into McCarthyism, and the attack on some of the most basic principles of American justice, seem to me the logical outcome of truly desperate people. I do not blame her for loving her dad, and wanting to defend him. But a lving dad would not allow his daughter to behave this way, to tarnish herself so indelibly in the defense of the indefensible.

I have been on this case for almost a decade, but in the end, they are destroying themselves - morally, politically and historically.