The Daily Wrap

Today the Dish welcomed a third guest-blogger to the mix, Alex Massie. The Blighty-focused blogger sized up Cameron's chances, addressed the class cliquishness of his Tories, called out the dirty politics of Labour over civil liberties, and fretted over the UK economy.

Jonathan Bernstein countered Alter's optimism over the HCR summit, took a closer took at Obama's stagnant poll numbers, looked back at the political stalemate of the Reagan era, took a foray into Watergate, challenged Frum's take on the history of congressional reform, and reiterated his exasperation over filibuster talk. Graeme Wood highlighted a major political challenger to Mubarek, aired different approaches to writing, and touched upon the allure of older women.

Andrew popped in to comment more on the Atlantic redesign. Email of the day here on the subject.

In other Dish coverage, Ambinder summed up new numbers on media consumption, Megan thwacked Jim Bunning's recent antics, Tony Perkins got dissed by military chaplains, Palin got pwned by Alaskans, Cottle caught up with kids of celebrity politicians, McWhorter lauded Obama's approach to education, and Patrick went back and forth with Larison over the Leveretts.

Atheist bait here and here. More religion talk here. Readers chimed in here and here over computer-generated classical music. MHB here. And here is the weekend wrap if you still want it.

-- C.B.