The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to cover a slow news week with our bevy of guest-bloggers. Jonathan Bernstein explained why he's confident healthcare reform is a done deal, wondered how the bill will affect the midterm elections, theorized over what makes an effective president, and mused over 2012 contenders.

Alex Massie floated the idea that a defeat would be a good thing for either party in the upcoming British election, discussed the repercussions of US-style debates, mulled over the immigration factor, cast a critical eye at Clinton's Falkland comments, and knocked Roger Ailes for his hysteria over Iran.

Graeme Wood illustrated Iran's vulnerability to earthquakes, highlighted blasphemy laws in Pakistan, and suggested China as a new partner against the Taliban. Patrick continued his Leveretts debate with Larison.

In other Dish coverage, Liz Cheney cranked up her crusade against the rule of law, Catholic Charities discontinued all of its spousal benefits, Uganda villain Martin Ssempa started blogging, Nathaniel Frank insisted we not delay in ending DADT, Peter Beinart prodded Obama to push out Rangel, Packer exposed a big weakness for Mitch Daniels in '12, and Michael Singh disagreed with our use sanctions.

In Olympics blogging, we linked to a stunning series of photos, provided a visual history of branding, and pointed out a bunch of poor sports. In random viral goodness, check out this music video out of India, this pwnage of Politico, this lampooning of Obama's prompter, and this dose of movie hathos.

-- C.B.