The Daily Wrap

As Andrew's blogatical continued, Jonathan Bernstein predicted an eventual comeback for the public option, wondered why the Republicans didn't focus their attack on the individual mandate, surveyed the field of professional intellectuals in public office, vented over the excessive voting in Texas, and riffed on the role of the Senate parliamentarian.

Alex Massie analyzed Labour's lines of attack, plucked some wise words from the Tory chair, honored the death of Michael Foot, highlighted the remarkable story of a Holocaust veteran, and reflected on the waning role of newspapers. Graeme Wood lauded Brooks' latest column and compiled some crazy Japanese MHBs. Patrick went another round with Larison over the Leveretts.

In other coverage, Obama defied the Cheneys by killing another terrorist leader, Cohn and Ezra sounded off on the president's HCR speech, Chait was cautiously optimistic about the bill, Marc Lynch debated war reporting, Ackerman took down Romney's foreign policy, and Palin lied again.

In marriage news, opponents failed to stop equality in DC (photos here). A Dish reader contrasted the Cheneys with the courage of John Adams. Others chimed in on Catholic Charities' latest craziness. Roger Ebert got some of his voice back. Patrick definitely does not like breast milk. And our MHB is blazing through the blogospheres.

-- C.B.