The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Alex Massie sized up the possibility of a hung Parliament, scrutinized the format of scheduled debates, noted the endorsement of Cameron by Mugabe, snickered at the cover of Tony Blair's new book, and guffawed at the victory of a kooky congressional candidate.

Jonathan Bernstein took a long look back at the healthcare reform process, countered Massie over the proper role of debates, mentioned the latest uproar from the fringe right, and discussed budget gimmicks. Graeme Wood pointed out "the perfect tree."

Elsewhere on the Dish, Lieberman put forth a bill to end DADT, Palin came out with a new book and docudrama, Ted Olson displayed integrity in the face of Cheneyism, Mike Potemra defended the inquiries into the detainee attorneys, Douthat defended Mitch Daniels, Noah Pollak knocked Obama's ability to influence Iran, George Friedman argued for a fundamentally different approach to the country, Frum attended a debate between Leverett and Ledeen, Tyler Cowen reviewed Diane Ravitch's new take on education reform, and a bunch of bloggers wondered if we vote too much. A satirical blogger passed away and the Dish received a powerful email from Chile. Christianist watch here and Von Hoffman nominee here. Cool ads here and here. Quintessential MHB here.

Andrew popped in to give props to the Atlantic web team for a rapid response. (He should be back on the grid by tomorrow night.)

-- C.B.