The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we rounded up reaction to the Pentagon shooting, Obama's potential caving on civilian trials, and the latest jobs report. Alex Massie continued his debate over debates with Bernstein, criticized MPs for waving reforms in the wake of the expenses scandal, sided with Iceland in its struggle against her Majesty's Government, countered the arguments of Tea Party-ism in Britain, remarked on Gordon Brown's aversion to foreign policy, and remembered the Armenians.

Jonathan Bernstein fired back at Massie over debates, dissected the latest GOP plan to derail HCR, picked apart McCain's opposition to reconciliation for Medicare, differed with Yglesias and Ezra over the proper role of journalists covering controversies, laid into Obama over his lack of appointees, and swiped at Judd Gregg. Graeme Wood scrutinized The Hurt Locker (reader take here) and sent a short dispatch from Bombay. Patrick tussled with Kevin Sullivan over Iran and Joyner scored the Leverett-Ledeen debate.

In other Dish coverage, Matthew Alexander reviewed Thiessen's book, TNC praised public schools, Dan Savage explained why marriage equality is so important for the poor, Kim Elsesser called for a neutered Oscar, and I rounded up a bunch of commentary on how the Internet is shaping intelligence and learning. More on the Cheneys' McCarthyism here, here, and here. Christianist watch here. Fantastic viral videos here and here.

Andrew will be back in the morning.

-- C.B.