The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we focused on the Iraq elections, with analysis from Juan Cole, Marc Lynch, and Musings on Iraq. A view from the Middle Eastern press here. Kristol shared his "expert" opinion. Greg Scoblete and Peter Beinart continued the discussion over empire.

Andrew called out Halperin's BS, lamented the latest string of self-outed officials, tackled the skewed consensus against Obama on Jewish settlements, and finally addressed at length Goldblog's criticisms over Israel. As Goldfarb got starbursts over Liz Cheney, a slew of Republican lawyers and former Bush officials united against her McCarthyism. And Joe Hagan profiled the whole Cheney clan.

The drumbeat to pass the HCR bill continued here and here, with some resistance here. Megan Carpentier built upon Don Peck's Atlantic cover story while Andrew calling Mo'Nique "smug" sparked the day's dissent. Conan was cracking up the Twitterverse. Hypocrisy from the far right here and here. Weekend wrap here. And if you haven't read Andrew's latest take on the state of conservatism, go here.

-- C.B.