The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw Obama turn up the heat on healthcare reform (and his approach seemed to be working). More on HCR here. We also featured the first legal gay wedding in DC. In foreign policy, Israel flipped Biden the bird, Livni talked sense, and Bernard Avishai pitched for economic peace with Palestine.

Andrew went after Rahm Democrats and reminded the right of his fiscal-conservative cred. Thiessen slithered into the DOJ controversy, an ultra-Republican condemned the McCarthyism, and Greenwald called for congressional condemnation. More here. US waterboarding appeared much worse and McCain sunk lower.

The pope's brother got wrapped up in a sex scandal, an anti-gay state senator came out of the closet, and a US congressman tickled his male interns. Chait, Yglesias, and Nyhan critiqued Beltway journalism. And WaPo could be going broke. Readers debated Mo'Nique's smug level and another dubbed Obama "the closer." Clay Risen received a Von Hoffman nod and South Park geared up for something good.

-- C.B.