The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we noted Jon Stewart's pwning of Thiessen, the Virginia governor's U-turn in favor of gay equality, and some unsettling footage from Israel. Andrew assailed the Cheneys, explained why he supported the Bush tax cuts, discussed his marriage status, and went another round with Clive Crook. Another odd lie here.

In other commentary, David Gibson offered a rationale for the pope's silence in Uganda, Lexington assessed the causes of homophobia in Africa, Orin Kerr picked apart McCarthy's McCarthyism, Samuel Goldman hit back at NRO's hypocrisy on Obama, Weigel tackled Rove's new book, Steve Lombardo wondered how big the GOP comeback will be, and a reader chimed in, The Leveretts reported from Tehran.

Particularly creepy Christianist here and especially crazy Beck here. Moore award here. Reader debate over Mo'Nique continued here. A reader dissented over Andrew's approach to Israel. And Lost got the Baywatch treatment.

-- C.B.