The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Daniel Levy reported on the reaction to Biden's humiliation, DiA held Israel to a higher standard, Steven Cook defended the neocons, Bob Kaplan shared some ominous signs from Afghanistan, Michael Hanna updated us on the Iraq election, and Mike Crowley compared Maliki and Allawi.

On the domestic front, Ambinder took stock on HCR and explained the Paul Ryan budget, Adam Serwer relayed the crack/cocaine compromise, Matt Corley countered Thiessen, Andrew Sprung took down Mukasey, Chait questioned Mike Allen, and Hiatt embraced Rasmussen.

Readers argued over the Dish's use of explicit photos here and here. Others shared their experiences with kids who were easy to accept same-sex partners. Andrew featured a video of him debating natural law at Princeton (reader response here). Cool ad here.

-- C.B.