The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw Netanyahu refuse to back down while McCain and Lieberman joined him. Kevin Sullivan was stunned by the situation, Greenwald challenged ultra-Israel loyalists, Roger Cohen got to the crux of the conflict, Chait defended the administration, and Walter Russell Mead offered his advice. In a must-read post, Goldblog reported Obama's intentions.

In other news, Ezra Klein discussed "deem and pass," Petraeus sounded off on DADT, and scientists discovered some cool creatures under Antarctica. Andrew reviewed the pope controversy, a gay reader shared his experience with Catholic culture, another challenged Andrew on "social justice," and others chimed in over school choice. Diane Ravitch made her case against NCLB, Bernstein countered Saletan over politicians catering to polls, TNC tackled the obesity stigma, and Wehner deliberately distorted Tom Ricks.

MHB here and cool ad here. Window from Pakistan. Another installment of Andrew's Princteton speech - this time on gay Republicans - here.

-- C.B.