The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we watched Netanyahu dig in, Abe Foxman play the Jewish card on Petraeus, the Greens kept the fires burning in Iran, and more evidence surface against DADT. The WaPo and Bernstein gave Kucinich more attention, Chait bemoaned the debate over process, and Noah Millman outlined how the GOP could reform healthcare in the future. More HCR drumbeats here and here.

Andrew wondered when the pope will resign and addressed Rove's hypocrisy over his gay father. Chris Beam profiled Breitbart (with help from a reader). Ben Wildavsky and Dish readers carried on the conversation over NCLB. And controversy over that Israel map continued.

Crazy talk from Steve King and Ben Shapiro. Cool ad here. Creepy hosts here. Matthew Schmitz hated on St. Paddy's Day while we posted a poem and a comedy skit. Andrew gayed it up with Kathy Griffin.

-- C.B.