The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, as the HCR process reaches a climax, Clive Crook questioned the CBO estimate, Keith Hennessey held his ground against the bill, Nate Silver was very optimistic about its passage, and Ron Brownstein heightened the drama.

In Israel coverage, Netanyahu cozied up with Hagee, Abe Foxman redoubled his rhetoric against Petraeus, Andy Bacevich said enough was enough, Obama polled well among non-right-wing Israelis, and Ackerman wondered what Clinton will say to AIPAC next week.

In pope coverage, a Dish reader erupted over Benedict's excuse, another saw a way to remove him, another criticized Catholic reporter John Allen, another scrutinized the Church's culture of silence, and another cheered Andrew on. RFD writers called for secular oversight while Johann Hari took a shot at religion.

Elsewhere, McWhorter and TNC tackled Tavis Smiley and Frum started to track some serious allegations against Hannity. Our NCLB debate continued here and here. In a powerful piece of footage, Neda's mother mourned her daughter's death.

-- C.B.