The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to track commentary on the HCR victory. Marc Lynch, Seth Masket, Andrew, and a reader assessed Obama's skills. Readers gave props to Pelosi and praised Stupak.  Reihan and Ross warned about the impact of reform, Yglesias dashed Kristol's hopes to repeal HCR, and Packer sized up Newt's strategy. And we found out how reform can affect you.

Ongoing coverage of the pope's response to the abuse scandal here, here, and here. Jane Mayer tore apart Thiessen's book, Josh Marshall dissed DC group think, and TNR spotted some progress in education reform. A US general blamed gay soldiers for genocide, a congressman compared HCR to communist dictatorships, and Fred Barnes got a Von Hoffman. Recession view here, beard blogging here, and particularly great MHB here.

-- C.B.