The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw the president sign the effing bill. Megan lambasted the bill's passage, Josh Green underestimated Pelosi, Walt discounted a boost for Obama abroad, and Frum kept fighting the good fight. Ambinder, Bernstein, Saletan, and Andrew looked to the political horizon. Massie praised the US.

In Vatican watch, Mark Shea explained the back-scratching culture of the Church, George Weigel spun for the pope, and Andrew Brown sensed many more scandals in the future. In ally watch, Netanyahu thumped his chest, Goldblog called out AIPAC, and George Friedman sharpened the US-Israel divergence.

In other commentary, Tom Ricks and Alex Pareene pummeled Thiessen, Dan Choi chastised the Human Rights Campaign, Andrew defended him against dissent, and Katha Pollitt went a bit too far against pro-lifers. Viacom got caught in some serious hypocrisy. Dog-blogging here, cool ad here, and a super cool MHB here.

-- C.B.