The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, the GOP began to back down over healthcare repeal, Benen boasted over a boost in polling, Yglesias gloated over liberal victory, Ruffini wrung his hands over the Republican wilderness, Reihan provided more constructive criticism, and readers revolted over Megan's railing against Dems. Nathan Brown and Russell King offered some advice to the GOP.

In drug coverage, California decided to vote on pot legalization, Sports Illustrated illustrated how prevalent pot is in college football, and Tom Bissell talked about playing video games on coke. In other news, Gates appeared ready to relax DADT and Palin joined the annals of reality TV.

In random commentary, Dreher argued against celibacy, Gideon Rachman and Hillary Clinton reinforced the theory of HCR helping Obama abroad, Wieseltier laid into Israeli settlers, and Greenwald took down Shales over Amanpour. Kinsely led an Inflation round up. Malkins here, here, and here. Von Hoffman here. Hathos here.

-- C.B.