The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew thought through the new rape case involving the pope and 200 deaf children. Reader feedback here. NRO mouthpieced for the Vatican, Bill Donohue blamed the NYT, Marian Wang talked to Globe muckraker Walter Robinson, and readers further discussed celibacy.

In other scandals, the UK kicked out an Israeli diplomat over Mossad's passports, Haaretz laid into Netanyahu, and Andrew dove into the WaPo archives on settlements. James Joyner and Ezra Klein worried about the Palin crazies, Joe Klein remarked on the hippified right, and readers laughed at NRO's Churchill comparison. The polls kept looking good for Obama.

The Dish surveyed the Google/China showdown, the conservative AEI fired Frum, Petraeus said no already, Bernstein wanted to bury the Sunday shows, Andrew owned up to a poor prediction, Kinsley continued the inflation thread, and readers kept up the dissent over Choi's tactics. Dan Zak spotlighted Alexa Meade and her amazing paintings while the Wansinks counted the calories of the Last Suppers.

I wanna hang with this dog.

-- C.B.