The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to focus on the Vatican unraveling. The NYT dropped another bombshell, Milwaukee's paper reported dark details, and Rome evaded any responsibility. Andrew turned up the temperature on Benedict and shared some of his own Catholic upbringing. The National Catholic Reporter also put pressure on the pontiff while Phil Lawler and a reader offered some context to the scandal. DiA and a reader marveled at the silence of theocon bloggers. A Wisconsin bishop spewed some cant, a reader pushed back against our post on the BBC documentary, and another differed with Andrew's lastest essay. More commentary from Joan Chittister and Amy Davidson.

We also concentrated on AEI's purging of David Frum. Reax here. Charles Murray savaged Frum, Mike Allen noted some inconvenient truths, and Bartlett stood by his cautious defense of David. A reader got the last word.

In other coverage, Allawi claimed victory in Iraq, we checked the pulse in Israel, Bibi apparently panicked, Obama got rowdy, and Andrew meep-meep'd. Pot-blogging here and here. More Google coverage here and here. Polling crack from Silver and Kos. Colorful rhetoric from Bachmann, Palin, and Newt.

-- C.B.