The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we kept up our coverage of the Vatican crisis. The big news was the Legionaries of Christ condemning its founder, Marcial Maciel, for his long history of abuse. Theocons such as George Weigel continued to defend the Church and cast blame on the media - a strategy not unlike Palin's. Meanwhile, David Link got to the crux of the crisis.

In Dennis Ross coverage, Andrew defended Rozen's post against Goldblog, Steinglass countered Andrew, and Exum added two cents. Mario Loyola ventured that Israel has no real desire for a two-state solution, Andrew pointed out a potential UN veto on settlements, and a reader dissented over Andrew's analysis.

In other coverage, Musings In Iraq assessed the elections, Andrew reacted to the Christian militia story, Podhoretz and Hinderaker fawned over Palin, Kristol invoked the blowback argument, and Murdoch readied the paywall. Jill Lepore discussed the futility of marriage counseling, Ricky Martin came out, Iceland banned strippers, and readers responded to the gender wage gap.

More AEI-gate here. A fascinating photo series here, fart blogging here, and more animal-suicide blogging here. Weekend coverage here.

-- C.B.