The Cannabis Closet: Female Professionals

Marie Claire profiles several of them:

"I hate the term potheadit connotes that I'm high 24/7, which I'm not," Pelham says, wincing.

"I don't need it to get through my day. I just enjoy it when my day is over." Her nightly ritual costs only $50 a month, a pittance compared with the cost of her monthly gym membership or a Saturday night out with her fiancé, an investment banker, who occasionally smokes with her. At 5'4", slim and athleticshe ran three miles a day while in law schoolPelham insists that pot is the ideal antidote to a hairy workday: It never induces a post-happy-hour hangover and, unlike the Xanax a doctor once prescribed for her anxiety, never leaves her groggy or numb. "Look, every female attorney I know has some vice or another," Pelham shrugs, tucking her long brown hair behind her ears, her 3-carat cushion-cut engagement ring catching the light. "It's really not a big deal."

(For readers new to the Dish, the Cannabis Closet was one of our longest and most popular threads of discussion last year.)