Tell Me What Your Story Is

by Jonathan Bernstein

I think I'm going to start working on a list of things that reporters and political junkies really want to see, even though they make no sense (and I'm certainly a political junkie, so I'm guilty of this in my non-analytic moods, too) .  Heading the list: the live filibuster, and a brokered convention.  Neither of them, if they happened today, would do anyone any good, or for that matter have any relationship at all to the classic Hollywood versions, but that doesn't seem to keep people from thinking that they must be the solution to something.

Then there's having a politician saying what he really thinks (not sure if I should link to Beatty or Biden on that one).

Closely related, although I guess somewhat different, is the notion that Mayors of New York or really rich guys should run for President of the United States or other high office.

What else should be on this list?