Some Candor On The Right

Mario Loyola does us all a favor by pointing out the real position of the Israeli government and the pro-Israel lobby in Washington:

We need to step back and realize that it is simply inconceivable, after what has happened in the last ten years, that any Israeli government will allow a truly sovereign state to arise in the West Bank.

As Netanyahu admitted Monday, given the consequences of Israel’s withdrawal from south Lebanon and from the Gaza strip, Israel simply cannot and will not risk the rise of a terrorist state in the West Bank, just a few miles from all of its major urban centers, and walking distance from the heart of Jerusalem. The Gaza disengagement definitively proved that Israel cannot risk disengagement from the West Bank. Until the Palestinians fix the political problems of their own society, there is nothing the U.S. can do to underwrite the risk of a two-state solution.

Once you realize that Israel has no intention whatever of accepting a two-state solution, whatever the Israeli leadership says, the tensions between the US and Israel are much more explicable.